Makeupless selfies for Cancer awareness : the social media backlash



In the last 24 hours social media feeds have been flooded by women taking pictures of themselves without makeup with the aim to raise breast cancer awareness and funds for cancer charities. Many are arguing that by taking the pics and indeed taking part is not raising awareness for the cause in which it seeks to find. People are arguing that a donation is more important.I take the stance that self awareness of how to check yourself is.

What this latest ‘news’ highlights is that social media campaigning and it’s ability to make the headlines reflects our prolific use of Facebook and twitter etc on a national scale and that our lives now are saturated in social interaction through mobile medium and the use of a phone camera.

Why have people felt the need to join in with the ‘campaign’ ? Is it conformity ? Is it a movement by women to define themselves and unite in a cause they feel is close to heart? Was there a media backlash against Movember ?Does growing a moutasche really highlight prostate cancer?

In my opinion i believe that in the majority of cases if one person leads many will follow. Most have the need to belong, to be part of something , to be part of the collective and be accepted. This is the fundamental reason people are taking to using social media in the first place. They want to be part of the collective and feel like they belong in the communities they interact with online.

Above is a picture of me , makeup free taken a couple of weeks ago. Did i participate? No i didn’t with no intention of posting either. If people gain something positive , even if one more person stops breast cancer progressing from the media hype surrounding these ‘selfies’ I’m sure the campaign has worked.

What this media storm has done is reinforce the importance of social media on audience to companies, charities and political campaigners further. I personally look forward to seeing how this impacts on marketing and campaigning in the future.

6 thoughts on “Makeupless selfies for Cancer awareness : the social media backlash

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  2. I think the point you may be missing is that all the people who are actually taking the ‘#selfies’ are donating themselves!

    • Not all people are donating to the cause when taking the ‘selfies’ . There has been a significant increase in monetary donations to charities and hopefully awareness. My point really is is that out of the negative backlash from some people even if one person is caught in the early stages and lives then the campaign is a positive thing. If it makes them boost their confidence etc that’s also a positive outcome. I just find the power of social media interesting and this campaign has shown just how linked in we are online to the rest of society.

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  4. I recently posted a reply to this trend. When I first posted my reply.. which included my own makeupless, breastless selfie… I knew only that these women were taking prety no make up pictures of themselves. None of the women I knew doing it, knew anything about the fund raising. Not a one. It took me sharing my vent on a support group for me to find out about the fund raising. And then it took me telling my friends about the fund raising for them to know what it was all about. I used a few choice words in the start, because honestly I was angry. (I am a little over a week post Mastectomy) I am emotional. I am on pain meds, which I am sure are not helping my emotional state, And then I got a reply about how “Nasty” I was (this being after the whole thing was explained to me, and I went in and posted more with less harsh language as I calmed down after I understood. I spent two hours in tears over one person saying I was just trying to cause Drama over a good cause.

    I am glad I know more about it now. But before today, I saw it along the lines of those secret messages you got in your inbox saying, post such and such on your timeline, and don’t tell any men why.. its for breast cancer. It just… seemed pointless. I think the problem is… most people are just following a trend, they don’t know why they are doing it, or that it was for raising funds.

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